Menstrual Hygiene Management

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Menstrual Hygiene Management

Menstrual Hygiene Management is an emerging issue in Uganda. The project focuses on raising awareness to school students and women groups on Menstrual Hygiene Management. Training on Homemade Sanitary pads preparation and women Enterprise development on sanitary products is another key focus that YAFCD is soon launching.

The program is based on the Menstrual Hygiene Management Charter 2015 by the Ministry of Education, Science Technology and Sports aimed at promoting menstrual hygiene in schools.

It is true that adolescent girls lack appropriate knowledge and information on menstrual hygiene management which has direct impact on adolescent girl’s schooling, with absenteeism of menstruating girls with at least average annual absence of around 6 weeks directly affecting their academic progress.

This program helps girls to manage their monthly periods hygienically and with dignity.

School Menstrual Hygiene Management campaigns are planned to run at schools where adolescent girls and boys will get more knowledge on practical issues regarding menstruation and their role to combat with those issues, which enhance their skills and they will be able to run school advocacy programs for assuring and upgrading WASH facilities in schools. This will ultimately help to reduce the school absenteeism of girl’s student and improve their education.

Side by side intensive awareness raising campaigns along with entrepreneurship skills on homemade sanitary pads to women groups are planned and those trained women groups will be able to run sanitary pads enterprise at local level which assures hygienic MHM practices in affordable costs.

Objectives of the program

Capacity building of schools followed by a phase-wise launch on menstrual hygiene education in schools.
1.To orient schools on health issues related to adolescent girls, particularly menstrual hygiene

2.To train the schools to develop and strengthen Adolescent and Reproductive Sexual Health Services (ARSH) counseling services in schools.


» Basic Anatomy and Physiology of female reproductive system
» Importance of Adolescent phase in the life cycle
» Puberty age and Menarche
» Menstruation and experiences among girl children
» Health Menstrual Hygienic Practices during free days
» Measures to be taken during Menstruation
» Educations on Myths, beliefs and social norms Menstruation
» Menstrual disorders, reproductive tract infections and PMS issues among girls
» Sanitary napkin importance in menstrual hygiene
» Anemia and its adverse effects on girl’s life cycle
» Symptoms and identification of anemia in girl child
» Best ways to overcome anemia in adolescent girls
» Importance of nutrition during adolescent phase
» Nutritional disorders among adolescents
» Counseling on balanced diet and healthy food practices
» Hand washing technique and frequency
» Importance of Hand washing during day today activities
» Hand washing benefits
» Good hygiene practices-Oral, nail, clothing and skin
» Role of exercise and sports activities in gaining good health
» Awareness on sexual health and various touches
» Behavioral issues in girl child
» Awareness on the good touch and bad touch
» Child marriage and its effects on life