Creating Income generating activities

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Creating Income generating activities

YAFCD establishes income-generating projects in the area of jurisdiction with a wider perspective of empowering the youth and young people economically and controlling all other effects of unemployment and redundancy.

The population of the young people in Uganda is at 60% of which 35% is unemployed and this made them to be manipulated by the waves especially in politics.

We partner with different stakeholders to create income generating activities for the young people, we train and equip them with skills of self reliance like soap making skills, hand dryers ,jezzy to mention but a few

The specific objectives are:

o To reduce on the pressure and effects of unemployment of the youth like crimes, manipulations etc

o Through collaboration with other local C.B.Os to promote and replicate conservation programs to other organizations, with a view of creating awareness.

o Improve the welfare of the members and the surrounding communities though their participation in income generating activities.