Youth micro credit/enterprise promotion programs

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Youth micro credit/enterprise promotion programs

The purpose of the program is to support the out-of-school and school going youth in the area of our jurisdiction and Uganda as a whole with financial literacy, credit facilities, saving schemes and all issues related to employment and economic empowerment.

The goal is to promote healthier lifestyles by encouraging youth economic empowerment.

The theme: The Role of Youth Microenterprise in Uganda: Facing the Challenge of Youth Unemployment and Vulnerability.

The objectives of the program among others include:

a.To promote the financial literacy education among the youth, including personal financial management, the importance of savings mobilization, and how to calculate returns on investment and interest costs.

b.Provide the youth with access to market information and social networks, safety and support from adult role models, and institutional support from governments, financial institutions and the private sector.

c.Providing insight into promising practices on youth livelihood development, which encompasses employment preparation as well as enterprise creation and development;

d.Mobilization of banking and other financial institutions towards expanding access of youth to financial services

e.To include the ability into the youth to discern financial choices, discuss money and financial issues without (or despite) discomfort, plan for the future and respond competently to life events that affect every day financial decisions.

We hold micro credit promotion forums in schools and out of school youth with a broader perspective of meeting the challenges they face and also bridging the existing gap in terms of financial literacy and credit facilities acquisition.


» Creating a positive vision for the future;
» Addressing negative attitudes/perceptions about money;
» The Youth entrepreneurship scheme and youth unemployment in Uganda
» How to start and operate a successful business enterprise
» Saving culture in the youth
» Management of a credit facility
» Youth employment gap within the development community
» Developing Entrepreneurial Capacity
» Financial Literacy for Youth
» Facilitating Youth Networking and Information Sharing
» Preparing Youth for Employment and Linking Them to Opportunities