Youth and adolescent Sexual reproductive health & rights programs

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Youth and adolescent Sexual reproductive health & rights programs

This project is aimed aims at addressing gaps in providing life skills and sexual reproductive health knowledge and attitudes among the youth and adolescents in Ugandan hence improving their quality of health and well being.

The purpose of the program further is to increase the availability of relevant information and quality services that can motivate and enable young people take positive actions to improve their sexual and reproductive health.

The program is conducted through outreaches in schools and other educational institutions in the area of our jurisdiction and Uganda as a whole

These outreaches are made to respective schools where we provide HCT services, health talks, treatment and referrals as well as awareness on puberty and child development.

The objectives of the program are not limited to the following:

1.To increase the availability of quality youth-relevant educational information regarding sexual, reproductive health and HIV/STIs.

2.Mobilization of all stake holders on youth and adolescents sexual and reproductive health using a multi sectoral approach.

3.To strengthen health promotion initiative that work to redress the social determinants of sexual and reproductive health of the youth and adolescents.

4.To provide an integrated approach to youth and adolescent sexual and reproductive health policy, health promotion, service and program.

5.To reduce misinformation and increase accurate knowledge/ information to young people about their sexual reproductive health.

6.To increase the skills needed to make informed decisions among the youth and act upon them.

7.To clarify and strengthen positive values, attitudes of the youth while building their skills to communicate with others and reduce the health risks related to sexuality.

8.To improve the perceptions about peer groups and social norms.

9.To increase youth and adolescents´ communication with parents or other trusted adults.

10.To help young people to protect their health and wellbeing as they grow and take on family responsibilities,

11.To help in preparing young people for the transition to adult hood.

12.To improve the knowledge and skills of those working with young people regarding medical, social, and legal aspects of youth and adolescent health.


“Integration of activities targeting Youth and Adolescents needs to be a priority”

“ Adolescence is a unique time in life requiring special attention”

“Youth and Adolescents sexual and reproductive health: Cause for concern”

We conduct youth health days as a follow up on the progress and impact of the all project.