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Mutyaba Sulaiman Mustapher


It gives me great pleasure to convey to everyone sincere greetings on behalf of myself and the members of Youth Alliance for Career Development.

As we work hard to improve the lives of the young people, I take this honour to introduce to you our website as an organization.

Today‘s youth activism is directed towards successfully tackling the triple challenge of poverty, inequality and unemployment and we believe the noble programs of YAFCD will address all these challenges.

At the Secretariat we treat issues of the youth at the apex priority since they are the direct beneficiary My humble appeal to the youth is that they should inherit the legacy of unity in diversity, non- racialism and anti-tribalism as are the one of the vices that have greatly made the youth to lag behind yet they are vulnerable.

We want them to love and respect one another as Ugandans and as Africans regardless of race, colour, creed or mother tongue that one speaks.

Our economy is not growing as fast as went to and is not creating as many jobs as we need. As a result many of our young graduates sit home without jobs.

I reiterate my call to the private sector to open their businesses to the youth for internships and apprentices.

Therefore the website is aimed at capturing the attention of the youth stakeholders at all levels to support youth programming YAFCD expresses its gratitude to its supporters that has made it more vibrant and relevant to the constituency we serve

YAFCD expresses its gratitude to its supporters that has made it more vibrant and relevant to the constituency we serve. We cannot forget the efforts of the winning team of YAFCD for working tirelessly towards the success of the organization. They truly deserve my heartfelt applause!

Once again I welcome all of you to this website, and appeal to you to continue to build the community of youth livelihood development practitioners so we can collectively make a greater difference in the lives of disadvantaged youth around the world.

God bless you all

Mutyaba Sulaiman Mustapher
President/ Chief Executive Officer YAFCD


To strive for excellence in meeting the needs of the population by the creation of enabling environment for youth and communities.


To provide A vibrant platform for the inspiration and empowerment of youth and communities


YAFCD is a voluntary association of a public character established not for gain,...

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our Objectives

a) To have a forum that will enhance the capacity building and advocacy among the youth and the general public in Uganda.

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Mutyaba Sulaiman Mustapher

President / Chief Executive Officer YAFCD

Hamida Nakidde


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