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YAFCD is a voluntary association of a public character established not for gain, with corporate personality and perpetual succession.

No member has any right to the assets of YAFCD and the liability of the members is limited to the amount of their unpaid subscription, if any.

YAFCD may sue and be sued in its own name.

Registered with the District Community Based Department and also incorporated its activities.

The organization has its constitution that is supreme and supersedes any other document that regulates the conduct of members, their relationship or purports to confer authority to YAFCD or any structure falling under or formed by YAFCD.

This Constitution binds the Board and all other structures established by YAFCD, whether under this Constitution or any document purporting to confer such authority.

Core values
YAFCD subscribes to the following values:

• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Empathy
• Accountability
• Commitment

YAFCD has a Board of Directors that governs the organization bringing with them professional experience in academia, finance, monitoring and evaluation, project planning and NGO management. The secretariat, which is responsible for overall coordination, resource mobilization, monitoring and advocacy, is led by the Executive Director supported by the senior management team.

Head offices/ Secretariat
The Organization is based in Butambala district. The District is one of the newest districts in Uganda created by an act of parliament; it became operational on 1 July 2010 having been split off of Mpigi District, together with neighboring Gombe District. Prior to becoming a full-fledged district, Butambala was Butambala County, one of the eighteen counties that constitute the Kingdom of Buganda.

Its office is located in Gombe Trading Centre, Gombe Ward, and Gombe Town Council of Butambala District. The district is a Muslim dominated area.


YAFCD performs its mission through strategic alliances, networking, mentoring, lobbying, developing and recognizing excellence in the young people, in particular in the following manner:

• Provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and experience among the youth/ young people;
• Provide information on topical issues and moral support for members;
• Community-based non-formal education programs;
• Community mobilization campaigns;
• Health promotion programs to redress the social determinants of SRH
• Youth clubs/organizations;
• Livelihood programs to generate economic opportunities for young people;
• Advocacy campaigns to influence political and cultural leaders (and adults in general);
• Explore and Develop the youth of Tomorrow;
• Organise a mentorship programme for youth entrepreneurs ;
• Develop additional programmes towards achieving its vision and mission as and when they are required.


To strive for excellence in meeting the needs of the population by the creation of enabling environment for youth and communities.


To provide A vibrant platform for the inspiration and empowerment of youth and communities


YAFCD is a voluntary association of a public character established not for gain,...

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our Objectives

a) To have a forum that will enhance the capacity building and advocacy among the youth and the general public in Uganda.

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Mutyaba Sulaiman Mustapher

President/ Chief Executive Officer YAFCD

Hamida Nakidde


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